Vocal placement and other singing mysteries

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A good singing voice could be something that you are born with, especially if you come from a family of singers. However, the good news is that even if you are not born with it, there is still hope for you!

Often people express regret to me at not having had music lessons when they were younger or that they did not persevere with these when they had them. The vast majority of these people are surprised when I suggest that it is never too late to learn and that they don’t necessarily need to go to a vast number of vocal lessons in order to learn the basics of singing.

This is where online singing lessons such as Voxtrain come in. The system offers easy to use training programs that have been developed by singing professionals.

Not only do you therefore know these routines will work, but you can also access the system and practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Their online vocal training program allows you to easily track your progress and to quickly see the results of your hard work.

One of the key areas they explore is voice placement, which does a lot to influence the tone of your voice, helping you to sing in different musical styles.

So… what is voice placement?

Vocal placement does not actually mean that you can place your voice in a specific part of your face. Rather, it refers to applying your focus to different resonant areas of your body. Resonance, simply put, is the use of vibration for creating a sound – be that humming or signing. Training your body to resonate in a specific way is an essential part of vocal training because it allows your vocal cords to open up easily, which results in better amplification of the voice.

You can place your voice on the different parts of your face, including the top and back of the head. It can also be placed on the front of the face, back of the throat, and soft palate. Through regular training programs, you can easily practice these placements with the use of different exercises that have been specially developed by vocal experts. As you learn these, you will be able to sing songs with the appropriate tone for the style of song that you’re singing and, importantly, without causing strain to your vocal cords.

If you are interested in knowing more about vocal placement and other singing techniques, head over to Voxtrain and sign up for a free account. With Voxtrain, anyone can have a good voice!



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